About The Reader’s Blog

When I considered blogging one concept was the deciding factor, the focus would be on readers. As an aspiring author, I positively love author sites; however, not everyone interested in books is writing one. You can bet your life every book-lover is reading though, provided they are still breathing.

This blog is for you, the reader, to offer encouragement with the occasional inspirational article, news on upcoming book releases, book reviews, and giveaways. Overall, positivity is essential; after all, you cannot reach happily ever after without optimism.

About K. A. Woodley Writing Services

I decided to open my writing business when I saw a need in the Christian writing community for services at a reasonable price. There are so many writers out there, going it alone. With technology becoming more complex every day, the internet as expansive as ever, and consistently changing styles of writing, many writers are getting left behind.

After some serious prayer, I put together services for writers who not only need a fresh pair of eyes but a fresh take on writing.

So, whether you’re a writer or reader there’s something here for you. Take a look around and feel free to drop a comment. To reach me regarding services, book reviews, or any questions, please use the contact page.

Have a beautiful day!

KyLee A. Woodley