KyLee Woodley: In Defiance of Miscontrived Heroines #LadiesinDefiance

Ladies in Defiance

kylee woodleyAs a reader of romance, and a woman in love, I am in defiance of miscontrived heroines who are either domineering super humans or weeping damsels in distress. The portmanteau word “miscontrived” is a combination of the prefix mis- (meaning: “badly”, “opposite”, or “not”) and the adjective contrived (meaning: obviously planned or calculated; not spontaneous or natural; labored).

Allow me to elaborate on these two heroine types. In the beginning of the story the would-be domineering heroine is simply the girl next door. But halfway way through the book she morphs into an iron pumping superhuman and the only individual capable of intelligent thought. She no longer works with supporting characters to develop the plot; she owns the plot. So, what does this blast of notorious femininity bring to a romance? A light so spectacular her counterpart is set in shadow. With unmatched intelligence and strength, what does the heroine…

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5 thoughts on “KyLee Woodley: In Defiance of Miscontrived Heroines #LadiesinDefiance

  1. Monty

    Thank you for you work and thoughts on the female hero. I am proud to be your husband and see you writing flourish. It is really cool to see your thoughts about such subjects so clearly articulated. As I read it I was moved by the thought that people are so often limited by stereo-typical ideas about things. It is sad that to be strong means you can’t be soft and that to be meek means that you must be weak. I know these things are not true but still even I, knowing it not to be true, find myself so influenced by the world around me that I just fall into those ways of thinking. Thanks for being that breath of fresh air that reminds me to see beyond what the world tells me to see.

    Your Husband


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